Saturday, July 16, 2011

Snake: A beginner's attempt on HTML5 Games

HTML5 is the new buzz in the web technologies. The technology is in its infancy but with its variety of new features, it has captured everyone's attention with interesting applications and experiments across the globe. To list some check out the - interactive presentation by Seth Ladd @ Google IO 2011, use of WebGL to present geographic data or a cool way to show news, experiments like The Wilderness Downtown,  and Games like Angry Birds and those from Gopherwood Studios on Chrome web store. HTML5 is supported by all the new browsers including those on smartphones, and therefore, it has become a hot platform to develop games which developers can serve directly to the consumers bypassing the App stores. HTML5 is also expected to have enormous potential in online advertisement market (click for more details)

I decided to take a dig into this and thanks to some wonderful tutorials at html5rocks, html5games, tutsplus, links on Seth's presentation, and many more resources available, my first attempt is now on display.

I plan to put my experience in a tutorial (HTML5 Games 101) very soon. Meanwhile, share your comments and feel free to use the code and kindly acknowledge the source.

Score: 0      Level: 1

HTML5 Games 101 - by Aniruddha Loya


Ani said...
Another interesting application of HTML5

hommakesgames said...

This is a great tutorial, thanks!