Friday, July 12, 2013

Crunched Bytes: June 2013

And as always, here is the compilation of June reading. Not many given the exams and move to Zurich for internship!

How Pixar made Monsters University, its latest technological marvel

Well, for a animation fan like me… its always fascinating to read more about what goes behind the scenes and this article is just the kind of dose I like to have, full of details both from technical and creative point of views. #ILovePixarMovies

Practical examples for marrying theme and meaning
This reprint of an old article is still every bit valid. Taking examples from real life means its not simply a message / advice in the darkness but ensures concrete understanding.

Google Zombie: The Glass Wearers of Tomorrow

The best metaphor for Google Glass? Not jerks or junkies, but the living dead.
I'm not a big fan of this upcoming tech from Google and to a large extent I'm really turned off with the prospect of always connected/always-online mode we now constantly live in. Despite being a computer science student, I still am very happy not to have a data-connection on my mobile and enjoy that disconnected moment of peace to catch up some reading or just to look around the world while I travel.
And the article says everything else that I missed out in the paragraph above ;)

The Guide to Implementing 2d Platformers
A very detailed and informative article on the old and friendly 2-d platformers we all loved and played at some point in time.

The tendencies of the mobile art on the example of top-grossing games
Read this to see how the interface, artwork and gameplay fares in taking the mobile games to top grossers. Also, see for the important differences when designing your game for the asian markets.

Bogost: Let's make 'earnest' games, not 'serious games'
With all the hoopla around making serious games, Bogost takes a dig at the reality and the whole propaganda about them. And seriously, what is required is an "earnest" effort for 'ernest' games.
"The dirty truth about most of these serious games, the one that nobody wants to talk about in public, is they're not really that concerned about being games," Bogost adds. "This is mostly because games are hip, they make appealing peaks in your grant application, they offer new terrain, undiscovered country, they give us new reasons to pursue existing programs in order to keep them running."

Making games as a hobby with Locomalito
An interview with Locomalito about his work and creating arcade like free-to-play games as a hobby. Nice read!

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